segunda-feira, 21 de abril de 2014

Especificar maleitas

the quivering of the giddinesses
deletes the movement
to breathe

thick words of the thought
the body of the writing
with vein glare

with a piece
from breast a lead
red broken
the anvil stirring up
an undertow
the night inside

one second towards
the escape the refusal
the refuge

a waiting room
long and fine too
the eternity of the quays
to go to seek
at the bottom the fate
of fire

of the strap
the flight

with stones
on the reflection
silence is detached

with the shade of your fingers
they remain to us dreams
of nowhere where all


crawling animals

unknown knowledge
and naked intimacy
of beings

the commissure
open fainding
of gem paradoxical

until the femur

the longest bone
human body

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